Online Course: Indepth exploration of complextrauma therapy

This course contains an update in relation to complextrauma therapy "state of the art". The content of this update is more than 90% identical to the Mastercourse for LI instructors in 2020 “why LI works the way it works” and will empower you as therapist allowing you to integrate its content into your practice. Special attention is placed on complexly traumatized clients: the way to start therapy, how to regulate the client and how to recognize the early signs that the process is stalling.

Theory, practice, demos, videos and discussions will alternately take place. Useful tools which are now part of training and manuals for therapies (e.g. LI), like the assessment map, the pyramid structure etc. will be practiced. Participants will receive course material and a link for viewing the course videos.

ContenT of overall course

These in-depth modules will allow you to:

  • Grasp the psychobiological model
  • Be oriented from the very beginning by using the available tools
  • Create safe conditions for starting therapy
  • To work more easily with dissociated, hypo-activated or freeze clients
  • Understand the most appropriate protocol to use
  • Explore protocols and its variations (prenatal, agreeable-disagreeable)
  • Explore several ways to regulate process and client
  • Decode the early signs of a stalling process
  • Get the necessary theoretical background


Who can attend:

This course is for English speaking therapists with at least 2 years experience as therapist or equivalent training (e.g. at least 2 levels of LI training).


Instructor: Anandi Janner Steffan


Language: English


Cost: 525 $, instalments accepted



Online per Zoom (Zoom is now fully encoded end-to-end). A good Internet connection is required



Live attendance of 4 modules is mandatory in order to enroll; preference will be given to therapists attending all six modules live. If you cannot attend on a date, you will be able to stream the video and be up to date for the next date.

The course will be held only with a minimum number of 6 participants.


Dates and duration:    

The course consists of six modules of 3.5 hrs each.

New dates coming soon.

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