VIDEOS for Understanding and Mastering LI

There are 2 series of videos to buy:

1. Understanding Lifespan Integration Therapy

Explaining LI in an interview-discussion style with Sarah Lloyd, UK LI supervisor

This series offers a basic overview about LI with a special accent on complex systems and network theory and how this applies to LI. It also contains the information of what we need to understand in order to use BL Plus.

With practical examples and a corresponding slide show

Each video is between 20-30’ long


This series addresses*) mainly the work with complexly traumatized clients (Type 3).


It follows a standard structure:

  • Why is this particular topic important
  • Where does it manifest in the LI process
  • Essential background information
  • Explicative slides or short demo video
  • How can we apply this in our practice

*) In an exchange with S. Lloyd, UK supervisor